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An Icon and Graphic community by never_ender
I've been making icons for years, and obviously some of them are pretty poor, but I'm constantly learning and evolving. I've now reached a point where I am frequently making large batches of icons purely for others, so I thought it was about time to have a place to put them all.

I have won a small handful of Awards, so check that out if you want.

The best way to find anything is to use the Tag Directory.

-Credit credit credit. If you use my graphics, you must give me credit.
Don't know how? For icons, put it in the icon comments, as seen here.
For something like a baner or header, give credit somewhere in your userinfo.
You can either use lithographics or never_ender

-It should go without saying, but DO NOT take anything I make and try and claim
it as your own. This also goes for any blank icons. Unless I SAY they are bases,
they aren't bases. So use them as is, please.

-No hotlinking. I'd hate for my photobucket to explode on me. That would
make a big ugly mess of my whole life. If you're using them somewhere,
please save to your own webspace

-Comments are not required, but if you like my work, or hell, if you hate it,
I do like to hear from you. Lets me know people are looking

-I do take requests. The request post can be found HERE.

I wouldn't be able to make half of the icons and other graphics that I make without the great resources that are out there. Unfortunately, over time, I have downloaded brushes and the like and completely forgotten where they came from. It's not because I hate you, it's because I've forgotten. I like to give credit where credit is due, so if you ever see me using your tools, and you haven't been credited, call me out on it, and I'll add you to this.


Hybrid Genesis/Insomniac
Darkwaif brushes
Angelic Trust
Jenn's Sanity
Petit Pixel


If you want to be an affiliate, drop me a line!